How to Aim Golf Club Face for Seniors

This is the correct way for how to aim your golf club face for seniors.

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Okay. So we are talking about Hybrids and how to actually align their head up. Very simply I want to show you how first of all how to set yourself up with the alignment. The first thing to do is just imagine standing behind the ball you want to hit the ball down to a certain area, stand behind and pick something out maybe six inches in front of the ball on line for that target. So we bring in the target to the ball so if I say you put the club behind the ball to a marker this far away I’m sure you’d have no difficulty to get that club on line. You can aim in that club for something so far away, then of course what’s the chance of getting this on line for something so far away very slim of course. So first of all stand behind the ball pick your marker, put your club face behind the ball on line for that marker. Now I don’t know if you heard of a company called Thomas Golf but they’ve got this alignment technology which is patented by them which allows a line to be marked on the top and a nice flat surface, and it really does help to align this club face up.

So you’ve not heard from them, go to the website for Thomas Golf because you need to have a look at this product because when we are talking about alignment this really does help. So imagine we’ve got this marker in front of the ball we got this lovely golden line on the top here, which I’m going to position on the middle of the ball and align for the target. I’m not going to put my feet parallel to that line. And the line on the top of the head is going to help me get these feet parallel. Then from here where I got my feet parallel to the club to target line which is represented by this stick. And then from here you can imagine a good setup good alignment will lend itself to having a good swing and getting that club back to the ball and hit that ball where we want. So remember alignment it’s all about procedure stand behind and pick the marker but do yourself a favor look at all the different Hybrids out there and you’ll see what I mean when you go to the Thomas Golf website and have a look for their range of hybrids. Because I think you are going to be quite impressed with this, because before we did this video I hit some balls with this and my god it really does help to line up and get those results of what we are all searching for. Go out, search out this and you got the procedure to get the correct alignment.

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