How Fast Should You Swing?

So many golfers keep trying to hit the ball as hard as they can yet they are still inconsistent. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew how fast you should swing?

This tip shows you what too look for to tell if you are swinging too fast and how much you need to slow down. If you are swinging too fast you will be amazed at how well this works.

As you slow down and keep swinging at this level you will actually start to hit the ball longer and straighter than ever. Right away you will see some mind blowing shots. This is what is coming if you learn how fast you should swing. So give this a try. I know it is going to feel weird and different but as you get used to it you will start hitting the ball longer than ever with a powerful, effortless, pain-free golf swing.

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Pin this tip talking about how fast Should your golf swing be well Real easy way to check Okay So what we're gonna do we're gonna hit a Ball Okay so we've got our ball we hit the Ball And we see that we leak it For me out to the right a little bit of A slice So what you're going to do is you're Going to start slowing down Until you hit that ball straight All right So that's going to be your gauge that's How fast You at this current moment in time Should be swinging why would you want to Go super fast and then start slicing Everything okay that kind of doesn't Make sense because you're going to shoot A million if you go out to play Why not slow down to the point that you Hit everything straight Okay if you hit everything straight You're going to be in the middle of the Fairway you know what happens if you Keep hitting in the middle of Fairway You get confidence So if you're really confident you could Probably go a little faster without Hitting it sideways So we're going to slow down okay

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We're gonna start hitting way way way More Fairways and greens so if you got To go half speed to hit it straight then You go half speed Just go nice and easy Watch the ball Okay So we're gonna take off the slice spin Get it going straight okay because why That's going to work is because when you Go fast you don't have enough time to Square this face So if you slow down You got more time To let the club release Now you'd even be getting used to Releasing the golf club by swinging Slower See what I mean if you go so fast that You don't release the club When do you get used to this When do you learn how to release the Golf club never So you're gonna sit here forever And it's never going to happen Why not slow down How do you know how much to slow down You'll watch your ball You slow down to the point you start Hitting it dead straight That's how fast you should be swinging Right now Get it get confident with it Then for more power you'd be driving

Your legs a little bit faster but you Don't even have to try to do that I've played this game for a long time I Know that when you start getting Confident You automatically start swinging a Little harder without even realizing it Because you're so confident You will naturally start to increase And not hit it sideways Okay so do that little test next time You're at the range stop Getting so obsessed about distance Unless of course you are working on Getting more distance if you're working On getting more distance then you don't Care where you hit it you're just trying To get the distance then you start Working on very precise positioning Okay But if you don't really care that much Then just try it this way for a little Bit Swing at a pace that you can hit it nice And straight okay stick to that pace Memorize it in your mind That's your swing Let's see what happens after you start Hitting Fairway after Fairway after Fairway okay give me a month of that no Joke you will be hitting it longer than You could ever imagine With what feels like nothing Okay


Gotta trust me on this one try it I Truly hope you've enjoyed this tip Here's another tip that's going to help You improve your swing now right below That don't forget to click on that link Because I'm going to send you some free Samples of my body swing book and video Series that'll take you step by step by Step through how to build a powerful Effortless pain-free golf swing