How Far Is It to the Green?

When you pick up the game of golf, one skill you have to master is how to learn your distance. Distance will be part of what determines which golf club you choose to use. Sometimes looks can be deceiving.

How Important Is a Handicap?

When the USGA (United States Golf Association) introduced the handicap, it was in an effort to make competitions and tournaments fair among golfers. A handicap takes into consideration a golfer’s level of skill and calculates the round so that skills are evened out and scores can be pitted against one another evenly. A handicap system is beneficial for golfers whose average score isn’t yet on par with better golfers.

How to Fight for Your Life in a Deep Sand Bunker

When you land in a sand bunker, it can be the most defeating moment of your round. Sand bunkers bring about fear and ire all at the same time. You may be intimidated, but as long as you look at the bunker as just another shot, without tensing up and trying too hard, you’ll make it out quick and easy.

Butch Harmon’s Golf School Reviewed

A candid review of Butch Harmon’s Golf School. I feel a bit more qualified to review Butch Harmon’s school due to the numerous lessons I have taken from the finest PGA Professionals available.

Decision Time: Golf Laser Rangefinder Gets the Nod Over Big Stick

So there’s 400 bucks burning a hole in your pocket and you’re thinking about buying a new driver. Not so fast. Before plunking down your hard-earned cash on the latest titanium-headed behemoth, ask yourself this: Is there another product that could have a bigger impact on my golf game?

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Practice Your Mindset Management at Home

If the mental part of the game of golf is wreaking havoc on your handicap, it might be time to tackle the problem. This isn’t something your golf coach can handle for you. He can tell you how to grip the club and what stance to take, but building your confidence and lessening your anxiety and frustration is out of his area of expertise (unless he happens to have a PhD in Psychology to go along with his PGA card)!

Putting Practice Right in Your Own Home

There’s nothing worse than making it on the green on a par 4 in two shots and then, when a birdie is within reach, you walk off with a bogey. Putting is something some golfers tend to neglect – because it seems so simple. While they’re busy mastering a teebox drive, their scorecard is suffering with blemishes they gained on the green.

Perfect Your Shot With Taylormade Custom Fitting

Taylormade realizes that all players are not built the same way and that their gaming styles are also unique. The same golf club, loft, shaft model and shaft flex would not therefore work for all players the same way.

Nipping Yips in the Bud Before They Ruin Your Game

Ever heard of the yips? Many golfers have, and it’s an affliction not just in the mind, but recognized by the famed Mayo Clinic as a real disorder that can wreak havoc on your golf game.

Pitching a Good Short Game

A pitch shot might be dubbed the most flubbed shots on the course. They’re difficult to master and cause even the most experienced golfer to tense up and ruin the swing.

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How to Put More Distance in Your Shots

Before we talk about how to get more distance in your shots, have you ever analyzed how far you should be hitting your clubs? Some golfers never take the time to find out how far they can hit each club, and this is crucial to your game – you can’t just eyeball it every time. Distance has a lot to do with the factors of each shot.

Must-Have Clubs for Your Bag

When you’re playing a round of golf, you inevitably get stuck in a spot where you’re kicking yourself for not bringing that one club that could have helped you get out of this mess. You’re going to have golf clubs that are either woods (including drivers), irons (including wedges), or putters. Your woods can be used on the tee box or in the fairway and they’re the ones you want to pull when you need a lot of distance in the ball.

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