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Disc Golf Guide for Beginners:

PDGA Code: Hole 14

Falling Putt: Hole 14

806.01 Putting Area
1 Any throw made from within 10 meters of the target, as measured from the rear of the marker disc to the base of the target, is a putt.
2 After having released a putt, the player must demonstrate full control of balance behind the marker disc before advancing toward the target. A player who fails to do so has committed a stance violation and receives one penalty throw.

30 Second Rule: Hole 15

802.03 Excessive Time
1) A player has taken excessive time if they are present and have not thrown within 30 seconds after:
1 The previous player has thrown; and,
2 They have had a reasonable amount of time to arrive at and determine the lie; and,
3 They are next in the throwing order; and,
4 The playing area is clear and free of distractions.
2) A player who takes excessive time receives a warning for the first violation. A player who takes excessive time after having been warned for it during the round receives one penalty throw. See 811.F.5 for a player who is absent when it is their turn to throw.

Moving Obstacles: Hole 16

803.01 Moving Obstacles
1) A player must choose the stance that results in the least movement of any obstacle that is a permanent or integral part of the course. Once a stance has been taken, the player may not move an obstacle in order to make room for a throwing motion. It is legal for a player’s throwing motion to cause incidental movement of an obstacle.
2) A player is not allowed to move any obstacle on the course, with the following exceptions:
1 A player may move casual obstacles that are on or behind the lie partially or completely on the lie or in the stance area, regardless of whether they extend in front of or behind the lie. A casual obstacle is any item or collection of loose debris (such as stones, leaves, twigs, or unconnected branches), or any item as designated by the Director.
2 A player may request that other people move themselves or their belongings.
3 A player may restore course equipment to its proper working order, including the removal of obstacles.
3) A player who moves any obstacle on the course other than as allowed above receives one penalty throw.

Relief from Obstacles: Hole 16

803.02 Relief from Obstacles
Last updated: Sunday, December 31, 2017 – 18:16
1) A player may obtain relief from the following obstacles that are on or behind the lie: motor vehicles, harmful insects or animals, people, or any item or area as designated by the Director. To obtain relief, the player may mark a new lie that is on the line of play, farther from the target, at the nearest point that provides relief.
2) If a large solid obstacle prevents the player from taking a legal stance behind the marker disc, or from marking a disc above or below the playing surface, the player may mark a new lie immediately behind that obstacle on the line of play.
3) A player who takes relief other than as allowed above receives one penalty throw.
4) A player may elect at any time to take optional relief by declaring their intention to the group. The lie may then be relocated by marking a new lie which is farther from the target, and is on the line of play. One penalty throw is added to the player’s score.
5) No penalty throw is added if optional relief is being taken following a penalty taken for a disc out-of-bounds or above two meters.

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