Hole 18 Flyover – Indian Trails Golf Course

Hole 18, Par 4, 325 Yards
* (Pro Tips are from the Black Tees)*
We’ve finally reached the final hole on this beautiful course. I believe this hole is the most scenic and best hole here at Indian Trails. A good solid drive down the middle of the fairway will leave you with your last chance at Birdie. The long ball hitters could potentially reach this green in one with another perfect shot (I’ve seen it done, and put within two feet of the cup in the middle pin location). A drive missed left can be salvaged, but increases the chance of failure to make Birdie or even Par here. A miss right will almost inevitably result in a Par or worse due to the trees. 18 features 7 sand bunkers, none of which anyone would want to end up in. Ending up in one of the 4 fairway bunkers will create a very hard chance at making Birdie or even Par. The bunkers around the green are very deep, and feature steep slopes to get out of to the putting surface. This green has a lot of varying surfaces to pay attention to. Pin location, putting speed, and putting line are critical to succeeding with a good score here to finish this great course.

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