Hold & Memorize Your Swing Positions

In this tip I want you to hold & memorize your swing positions. I say this because I keep seeing too many people rushing and not thinking about what they are trying to do before they do it. Instead, they just keep hitting ball after ball never mastering new swing positions or movements.

Years ago I took lessons too. As I would learn a new swing position I would hold it for a few seconds until it sunk in. Once I had the feeling I would just swing and go to the feeling of that positions. This allowed me to make the change without overanalyzing it.

I now have tons of drills, positions and movements on this channel. As you are working on something new just take your time. Hold & memorize it. If so, you will finally start to change your swing and play great golf.

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In this tip I want you to hold and Memorize so what I'm getting at is you Know I got thinking about this a few Days ago a long time ago when I went for Lessons I had a teacher that put me in a weird Position it felt really weird to me So you know and it was a little Complicated so I'm like Okay how am I gonna get that position so All I did I held the position I memorized what that position felt like In my mind And then as I went through I just went To that weird feeling position So what I'm getting at is I want you to Hold it Memorize the feeling of it So then you can go to it Okay so maybe it's touch your legs Okay so you do a couple practice swings Hold it hold that position squeeze them Together Feel it Okay maybe you do that a few times hold It So many people I work with out here are Rushing everything It's like just hold it for a few seconds Let it sink in what you're even trying To do Okay so you've got the feeling in your Mind so instead of over analyzing how You're gonna get there


You've got the feeling in your mind and Then You just go there Hold it try to copy what you just did in The practice swing Okay so that's just one example you Could you know go into your backswing if You're trying to work on a little longer Backswing Hold like you've been here now you're Trying to go here hold it check it right Here hold Okay what does that feel like that feels Like that okay good got it got it Okay I'm gonna go back okay got it okay So then you get your ball ready Tee It Up try to go To that position Okay just hold it and memorize it It's easier that way then you're not Over analyzing everything Like I said I see so many people out here and they Just you know They they don't hold it long enough for It to sink in on what they're even Trying to do So each of these moves is very very Precise You know if you want to repeat something That means you're doing the same thing Every single time So to repeat it you have to know what You're doing

So just hold it check it memorize it Okay good I got the feeling now instead Of overthinking everything just go to The spot that you just practiced All right so it's pretty simple today But like I say I'm teaching out here on A daily basis and I keep seeing people Doing this stuff wrong so it's like well If your average person is doing it wrong The great majority of people do this Stuff wrong I remember how I took lessons and I Didn't do it that way I held stuff I Memorized the feeling of it it was a new Weird feeling So I would just do the weird feeling Until it felt good that's it All right so try that in the future pick Out something You know everybody's got something that They're working on So pick out that thing hold it you know Maybe enough practice swings a few times Hold it long enough that you can Memorize it And then apply that to your shot trying To replicate what you just did as you What you just memorized okay Give that a try then that'll help you Build a better swing better swing better Shots You know better scores I truly hope You've enjoyed this tip here's another Tip that's going to help you improve

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