Hitting Long Irons: Key is Grip and Posture!

http://www.simpleswingthoughts.com In this video Terry is going to demonstrate hitting long irons.

For the average weekend golfer hitting long irons is a terrible thought. In fact, many golf club makers have taken the long irons out of the bag and have replaced them with hybrids. But, the key to hitting long irons is not that hard. It comes down to the correct grip and posture and letting your head position distribute your weight shift to the left.

The grip of the club to hitting long irons needs to be a leveraged one where the two bones in the right forearm need to be stacked while the posture position in your setup needs to be spine centered to promote a swing around the spine and not a sway off the spine. Hitting long irons is truly a fun experience because of the ball flight and the way you can shape your shots.

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