Hit Better Shots By Improving The Top Of Your Swing – By Using The Water Bottle Backswing Drill

If you want to hit the golf ball more solid & straighter … having your club in the best position at the top of your backswing will surely help

Most Golfers that struggle with pulls, pushes, slices, & hooks can find a more consistent golf swing by learning to feel the path to the top of their swing

Yet, in order to find a consistent movement … you should be incorporating a drill that allows you to learn & cement that FEEL

The Water Bottle Backswing Drill trains you to learn your backswing. Because if the water bottle isn’t going toward the target on your backswing … it’s unlikely that your golf ball will consistently go there either

Jordan Hamblin (GMS Instructor – Indian Wells) offers a demonstration that’ll help you to learn a very consistent golf swing!

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