This tip teaches you how to hinge & rehinge your wrists for more clubhead speed. Get this into your swing and you will hit it longer than you could ever imagine.

So many people I see are locked up when they swing the club. How can you expect to get clubhead speed being all locked up. Doesn’t the words clubhead speed indicate that something has to be loose to get this speed? So loose equals speed.

To loosen up your wrists you need to know why they are locked up. There is a reason and understanding it will allow you to finally overcome it and start hinging & rehinging in your swing.

This is not just for irons. This is in all of your swings unless you are hitting a specialty shot. So make sure you watch this and understand what I’m saying. This hinging & rehinging is a vital part of a great golf swing.

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In this tip I'm talking about how to Hinge and re-hinge your wrists Throughout your golf swing So a lot of people you know they don't Hinge and re-hinge properly So why would that be there has to be a Reason People don't Hinge right here And then re-hinge a lot of people you Know they look all tight and locked up And kind of hitting hard with their arms So there is a reason why people don't Hinge and re-hinge and that is because Of human nature so human nature is Trying to protect your body so if you And it affects all different areas of Your swing and I've been talking about This for literally over 30 years so we Have to overcome human nature so in this Particular case hinging and re-hinging This is going your body is trying to Protect itself so it doesn't want to put Your body under stress so think about it If I was holding onto the golf club like This I'm a right-handed person Playing right-handed this is my strong Hand this is my weak hand So if I took this golf club back like This And I got to about here and tried to Hinge the club That would put down pressure right here In my weak wrist joint

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So my brain is trying to protect my body So why would it put put why would it put Down pressure in the weak wrist joint if I wasn't telling it to do that you would Never do that you would start to lock up To avoid that pressure in your weak Wrist So that is one area where human nature Would be affecting that it's trying to Protect your body It doesn't like this sensation this Feels weird You know there's compression in the weak Joint So you would avoid it okay so we have to Overcome human nature and allow our club To fully hinge so you can see this is me Holding on to the golf club so I'm Holding on I'm not letting go And I am hinging to my maximum so I'm Holding on That is the maximum I can hinge at the Top So I'm allowing it to do that We just did a golf school on the weekend And so many people were not fully Hinging their golf club and then when I Got them to go into the backswing and Hinge to their maximum Yeah you could see them saying yeah that Kind of feels weird in there feels like Some pressure in my wrist See they'd never even experienced that Before

So I know a lot of people are losing Serious power because they're not Hinging their Club to its maximum So what we want to try and do Is hold on to our club Understand that you're going to feel Some compression In this weak wrist joint okay so that's Kind of half the battle you got to know That that's even going to happen If you don't know it's supposed to feel Like that you would avoid it All right so you gotta know that that's Gonna happen you got to get used to the Feeling of it Okay And then of course you got to practice It Typically you know over the years If someone has tight wrists and not Fully hinging I typically say that That's going to take you two weeks in a Mirror every day at home doing practice Swings two weeks to get the hinge Okay right here just do it in a mirror Watch yourself Hinge or well I guess you don't even Need a mirror you can just sit here and Go oh there's that weird Compressed feeling he's telling me about My wrists don't go any more than that All right so that's only half of it Though You're going to feel the compression on

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The back swing and then you're also Going to feel the compression in the Through swing after the club re-hinges So if I hinge here I'm going to come down hit the ball Club Releases and then at about eye level Right here You're going to feel the same Compression again right there Okay so we're gonna hinge right here Compression Re-hinge over here Okay so again wrist doesn't go any more Than that right there and I definitely Feel that compression right there again People would avoid that so what are they Going to do they're going to go like This and just kind of hold it off They'll end up doing a chicken wing Okay and Be all locked up and hit the ball Nowhere or a lot less than what they Could potentially hit it So I want you to start paying particular Attention to that compression in your Weaker wrist joint and I know there's Some people Left-handed person playing right-handed Well you probably have an advantage Because that's not going to feel as bad As the club compressing your weak wrist Joint so for me I I really feel that and I've been doing this for like playing Golf for over 40 years I still feel it I

Feel compression there doesn't hurt or Anything but I definitely feel when it's Hinged And then I can definitely feel over here When it re-hinges Okay this is a huge huge piece of the Swing this is where we're going to get Our club head speed so if you're trying To avoid the sensation of hinging and Re-hinging you are leaving serious power On the table So again what I would be doing Is practice swings at home so now not Only are we going to work on the back Swing hinge right here hinge Feel it in your wrists You're going to swing it through and Then at eye level right here you're Gonna feel the compression again Okay and you just keep working it back And forth back and forth And that's why I'm saying just do this At home this is not about you coming out And trying to do that you know ball After ball after ball What I've found is if I can get someone To hinge the club fully They never tighten it back up again once They've got the initial work done where It unlocks the wrist joint They keep that basically forever all Right so I would just be doing that at Home okay again it takes about two weeks You got to do it every day for two weeks

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But the payoff is a lot more Club head Speed and doesn't everybody want to hit The ball a lot longer sure So why would you go like this and be all Locked up here and locked up here like That is not going to produce your Longest shots you need the hinge And the re-hinge but now you know why You're not doing that Because of human nature telling you to Not do that because that feels weird Feels compressed in your weak joint now You know that That's what to look for So once you know to look for it now you Can repeat it repeat it for a couple Weeks then it'll be in your swing And then you'll just do it with the ball In front of you okay it's not going to Lock back up again So do that Then of course You're gonna hit the ball so much longer You just won't even believe it I truly hope you've enjoyed this tip Here's another tip that's going to help You improve your swing now right below That don't forget to click on that link Because I'm going to send you some free Samples of my body swing book and video Series that'll take you step by step by Step through how to build a powerful Effortless pain-free golf swing