Helping a beginner golfer with a proper golf grip, setup, and pivot – Clay Wonnell Golf @claywonnell

Jamaal, a beginner golfer came to see me at Golf Club of Dallas in Oak Cliff, TX for a golf lesson. When he showed up, he had a bent over, flat backed setup and an inefficient arms-driven golf swing. My goal in this lesson was to help Jamaal feel a more soft, athletic posture, a more technically sound grip, and a pivot that will allow him to use his legs to create speed instead of relying on flipping his arms and hands at the ball to create speed. Come see me for a lesson today at Golf Club of Dallas or sign up for my adult golf camp beginning Tuesday August 18 2020 at 7pm and running the following 4 Tuesday’s. This is my first run of the adult golf camp so not sure on how many will sign up. I’m guessing around 5-10, and I plan to run the following curriculum:

Week 1 Aimpoint Express Green Reading Technique & competition

Week 2 Rule of 12 Chipping Technique & competition

Week 3 Palm Down Palm Up Pitching & competition

Week 4 Bunker technique & competition

Week 5 Fluid Motion Factor full swing technique & competition

See you soon!

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