One of the latest swing trends is called re-centering. This was coined by the guys over at Athletic Motion Golf (check out their channel for some great info).

In simple terms you load the weight going back and as you hit the top you recenter back to 50/50 with your weight as the first move into your downswing. This allows you to rotate and get into your left side as you approach impact.

For better players and pros this move is doable. For average players it’s tricky. I have now had numerous students trying to do this move only to send the club straight over the top. No matter what they do they can’t seem to get rid of this move and master recentering.

This tip will explain what re-centering is and what I have been teaching my students for over 30 years now. This is a simple way to get the weight balanced before you come down. If you are someone having trouble with this recentering move give this a try.

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In this step I'm talking about A new swing craze called Re-centering it was coined by the guys Over at athletic motion golf I watched Some of their tips and uh you know they Present a lot of great things they uh Base it on the movements of tour Pros Which is great you know because it's Kind of cool to see what Pros are Actually doing So one of their moves is this Re-centering move all right and you know Pros actually do this The problem is When you try to get an amateur player to Do it I'm talking you know Maybe a higher handicap not a better Player better players are usually Capable of doing stuff that Pros are Doing Because they're better players they're Kind of close anyway It's trying to take a 15 or an 18 Handicap and do some of these Pro moves Yeah it's not probably not going to Happen The re-centering is especially tricky so Some of my students have been trying This Unsuccessfully so here is the problem The problem is time So let me just explain the re-centering First we're going into our backswing by The time we get to the top we've shifted


The weight and now the weight starts to Re-center by the time we hit the top So from right here I'm 50 50. I go 80 20 In this area here as I'm continuing back I actually get back to 50 50 or even Into the forward leg by the time I hit The top so I Go from a loaded position to a Re-centered position Like I said Pros do this okay if you Look in a video of Pros The problem is for the average person It's again it's time okay so you go like This and you make the move this way you Don't have time this is like a Millisecond in time to go from here over To here so as soon as you get to the top And you feel like you've re-centered Maybe you've got a little weight to hear Maybe you're leaning forward because you See your head go a little forward you Will send the club over the top Every single time Ideally as a better player we already Kind of fire our lower body so what Happens is we go like this we make the Move from 50 50 let's say we're loading Immediately We get up to the top and then we kind of Re-center here When we come down we know how to fire Our lower And that's the difference we're going From a re-centered position

To a tilted Backwards position With our spine by the time we hit that Golf ball and with driver it's a lot of Backwards tilt Your average person can't do that so They're trying to do the re-centering Move But they have problems because there's Not enough time to do it You know we're talking milliseconds Because if that is a quarter second from There to the ball You hit the top right here and you're on Your forward leg and feeling like your Weights re-centered or even 50 50 you Got to get back here by the time you hit That golf ball And your average person doesn't even Know how to use their body or uses Minimal body so for them to do it it's Very difficult so I got a better way to Recenter all right this is what I've Done for Over 30 years now and it just seems like An easier thought okay so it's not that We don't want to re-center okay it's What are what is the great majority of The golfing public capable of even doing All right so that's what I do I try to Give people ideas and thoughts that they Can actually do Okay so think of it like this we're Going like this we're 50 50.

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We're going to coil up we're going to Load over here Okay so we're not going to think about Getting over here like this and leaning Forward Even though that may happen if you do What I'm going to tell you So we're going to go like this 50 50. We're going to go up to basically 80 20. That's what it's going to feel like You're re-centering move now Is going to be to take your belt buckle Right here and you're going to face the Ball Okay that is the move I have taught I Call it the first 45 degrees in your Swing So we're up here all right well we start Facing the ball We coil up our hips move 45. The first move I want you to do is take Your hips and face them back to the ball In that process I'm now back to 50 50. I'm not thinking about leaning I'm not Thinking about getting the weight into My forward foot if I face the ball My weight will re-center from there now We're going to continue the rotation All right it's a little different Thought a little different way to do it And I find that is easier to do Because it's an easier thought and I'm Not doing multiple moves in literally a Millisecond so it is possible to achieve

This and you can tell if you're doing it Because all you have to do is video your Swing from down the line so right here If I go like this Take it to the top see how my hips have Turned 45 I'm at the top my first move I Want to turn my hips back to the ball as Soon as I can Okay ideally that would be when the lead Arm is parallel to the ground so right Here I'm already facing the ball Okay I started facing the ball I went up to the top they turned now I Need them to face the ball as soon as Possible then I can get the second 45 Degrees By turning my hips So they're open by the time I hit impact All right so it's just a little Different way to do it this is more of What I've had success with You know and in talking to my students That have tried the re-centering move And they're having trouble with it you Know I'm gonna have them do it my way Because I just know the results I get Because I've done it for over 30 years That way all right so If you don't know about re-centering This tip might not be for you but you Can if you keep watching it a few times You'll kind of understand it so again Here I am Facing the ball okay here's my hips I'm


Facing the ball I'm going to go to the top See if I can do this so I'm going to go To the top my hips turn 45. Okay now instead of trying to get to my Forward foot Pushing down on my foot which could Cause me to lean forward Now I'm going to have a hard time Because I got to learn how to fire to Get back behind the ball because if I Keep going I'm going to send it over the Top hit Top shots thin shots and that Sort of thing we're not going to do it That way we're going to go like this We're gonna coil there's the first 45 Degrees right here all I need you to do Is take your hips and turn it back to The ball okay right there as soon as you Do that now you're back to 50 50. Now you keep it turning ideally we're Trying to get upwards of 45 degrees open At impact probably not going to happen Probably be you know 20 30. 35 degrees Anything open at impact is going to be Great because all Pros are open with Their hips when they hit the ball So if we can get the first 45 degrees You're in a position to get the second All right so if you're someone that's Re-centering Just try it my way maybe that'll give You a little bit more success because it Is an important move that does happen in

Pretty much every Pro's golf swing so if That's a pro move I can get you to do a Little bit easier then give it a try That way see if it works for you I truly hope you've enjoyed this tip Here's another tip that's going to help You improve your swing now right below That don't forget to click on that link Because I'm going to send you some free Samples of my body swing book and video Series that'll take you step by step by Step through how to build a powerful Effortless pain-free golf swing