Havasu Golf Tip — Putting for Birdie

This was the original take. The guy is that good! While working at the station I realized the tri-weekly morning TV program I was producing, TV45 N.E.W.S. needed something extra to attract viewers. The Refuge Golf Course wanted the station to do some publicity on it but they didn’t want to pay any money. So I created The TV45 Golf Tips to give the client awareness in hopes they would get positive response and buy advertising. I was able to secure a young golf pro named Joe Christianson to be the host. You can see he doesn’t feel too comfortable on camera but he did a good job for Havasu local TV. It was better than nothing. I did a series of these tips and here is one of them. Joe is now somewhere in Las Vegas teaching golf. Heidi Vesely assisted me with the 2nd camera. Buy the way, the Refuge still never spent a dime with the station even though I tried. So, the next series of Golf Tips with a different pro were done a different course.

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