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How long should your backswing be? Golf instructor Hank Haney shows you the way.

An interesting picture I got from one
of my followers on Twitter
showed that his backswing was going way, way back.
I see this a lot, people ask me questions all the time,
Hank how far should my club swing back.
Well, there’s no exact set rule, but one of the things
that you do wanna do is do you wanna have some coil
at the top of a swing.
And what that means is that your lower body resists
and your upper body turns so that you create
kind of a winding effect,
almost like you’re winding a rubber band up
and then when you release in the downswing,
you’ll have a much more powerful are repetitive motion.
Now the picture that I get a lot is
a player whose turning their hips and their shoulders
just about the same amount.
Ideally, if you could, your hips would turn about
45 degrees and your shoulders would turn 90 degrees.
And the idea is, is at the top of the swing
you’re building up a coil, so you can see
I’m starting to strain up here.
That’s what you want.
If you can get to the top and just kind of
stay there forever,
you don’t have any coil.
If you feel the tension when you get to the top,
that’s what you want,
and that’ll allow you to start the downswing
more with your lower body
and get that golf club coming more from the inside.
So make sure when you swing the club back,
it’s not just how far you turn
but how much you turn and can create some good coil
at the top of a swing.
Resist with the lower body, turn the upper body,
and you’ll have a much more powerful, repetitive swing.

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Hank Haney on How To Build A Better Backswing | Golf Lessons | Golf Digest

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