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Why is the grip of your left hand at set up so important? Why this should be optimized and why it gives you competition advantages.

The grip of your left hand is important for proper ball impact and repeatable face angle.

We use a grip of the left-hand at the setup, in a way that the natural rotation of the left arm, during the backswing and downswing, enables you to have a zero-face-angle at ball-impact. To use the natural rotation of the left arm is an unbelievable competitive advantage to promote your performance. Your swing will become simpler.

At this point, I have to say that we will be able with our core balance swing method to minimize up to 31 degrees of freedom in comparison to the imbalance method. This means, we offer a much simpler, less complicated golf swing biomechanic for weekend golfers as well as PGA tour golfers.

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Consistency Golf Swing is a new Online Video Instruction System for more power, more distance and more consistency in your golf game. The step-by-step videos in combination with motor and mental training will change your game forever. Say goodbye to the trial and error systems and get ready to program your brain with a completely new and easy software. Benefit from the unbelievable advantages of this system.

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For our team golf is not just a sport – it is a passion and a lifestyle! Our team will do everything in their power to find the easiest way for all golfers to accelerate their training success, in order to be able to play healthier and longer, at the same time. The years of experience in the specialized areas of the individual members of the scientific team is the secret of success of the perfect training method. You will love this training, enjoy the training success and have fun with the game!

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