Golfers Elbow | How To Start Rehabbing Pain Properly For Beginners

Golfers Elbow | How To Start Rehabbing Pain Properly For Beginners.

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In addition, we cover the theory behind the best methods and optimal approach to treatment for golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow.

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Golfers Elbow | 1. How To Start Rehabbing Pain Properly For Beginners is the prequel to our original Golfers Elbow | 2. How To Overcoming Elbow Pain! … plus Golfers Elbow | 3. How To Treat With Self Massage” videos (Links below)

This latest video illustrates the ideal starting point for people who are suffering the early stages of pain caused by both medial and lateral epicondylitis. Continuing on from our successful [V1.0] and [V2.0] programs … this video explains the BIG mistake most people are making and some helpful theory behind why so many people struggle to fix their annoying tendonitis injuries.

We also introduce some very important and effective tools and equipment that can and should be used for optimal rehab and strengthening strategies and programming. *To support your rehab program we’ve added useful links to all tools and equipment below.

Understanding the issue, intensity continuum explained in detail in this video is absolutely essential for any return to exercise/sport after any injury.

Rad and Yani Burmeister [Unity Gym Founders] also provide examples of the best movements and exercise to start with, which should be used prior to our original program if you’re still experiencing discomfort. Check out the vids below in the Additional Resources section.

In severe cases the chronic golfers elbow will cause degenerative changes to the muscle tissue.

Chronic issues are not caused by inflammation. it’s actually caused by changes in the muscle and tendon fibres due to the severity of the injury.

Unfortunately, no movement or stimulus is often worse than too much stimulus … and often the right exercises are the same exercises that can aggravate it. Therefore, a careful and intelligent method of exercise, intensity and frequency selection is required.

To help, we’ve made a series of specific golfers and tennis elbow videos. You can watch our other helpful vids here:

1️⃣ Find Golfers Elbow Rehab Video [V2.0] here:
2️⃣ Find Golfers Elbow Rehab Video [V3.0] here:

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