Golf – What Causes A Slice

SLICE CAUSES – Before you start trying to fix your slice you need to know what causes your slice. Watch the video for the basic laws of a slice shot before you read slice tips, articles or have a lesson.
So you have a slice shot. You’re just about to start looking at articles and tips and searching YouTube to cure your slice. Perhaps you’re about to go for a lesson, but before you do that I feel it’s very important to understand the basic laws of what causes a slice shot. At impact for any ball, which is moving from left to right in the air. The club face is open relative to the swing path. I’m assuming you’re hitting the middle of the club face. The bigger difference between your path and the face, the more the golf ball will be curling in the air.
The problem is that players of all levels believe the reason for their slice, the reason for there being a difference between the path and the club face, is that at impact the club face is open to the target. But if I give you an example of a very typical slice shot, one that starts on line and then curls to the right, at the moment of impact the club face will be reasonably square to the target and the swing path will be left of target. See, it’s the club face, which controls the starting direction of the shot. So if your golf ball is starting reasonably straight your club face is reasonably square. It’s the swing path being too much to the left, which is causing the difference between path and face causing the face to be open to your swing path and causing your slice shot.
When you’re looking at articles or tips or even having a lesson you need to focus on altering the swing path. Your path will be too much to the left for impact. You need to find a way of getting the club more onto plane traveling more down the plane line through the impact zone even swinging a little bit to the right side of the target through the impact zone. That’s sure to reduce or cure your slice completely. The only thing you might find a little bit difficult is that your club face is used to being open to the path. You’re used to swinging left with the club face square to target, so now when you get the club on plane perhaps your club face is still open to the path, you’ll get a few shots that start to the right and curl further to the right. Persist with changing your swing path. Persist with swinging the club more to the right through impact. Given a little bit of time the club face will start to neutralize, you’ll start to release the club differently, and your ball flight will start to straighten up.
Now there is a more severe slice, one that starts to the right of the target and then curls further to the right. If this is you, you also have a club face issue. Your club face is open at impact. You’ll need to find out why your club face is open. Perhaps in the way you’re gripping the club or the way you’re addressing, but you’ll need to neutralize your club face. But understand you’ll also have a swing path problem. You’ll need to learn to swing the club more on plane as well as neutralizing your club face.

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