Golf Video Lesson: Simple Tip to Fix Golf Slice Forever!

Hey golfers, PGA Teaching Professional Todd Kolb here with another segment of On the Lesson Tee; and today I’m going to share with you one of my favorite drills that I have all of my students do before a lesson, after a lesson, and before a round. It’s a very simple one; we call it the Tour Stick Drill. Now you can do this drill with just a golf club; personally I prefer—and I have all of my students do it—with a Tour Stick; that’s where we come up with the name.

It’s a very simple concept: basically, what we’re going to do is working on the direction that the hands are traveling, and the club is traveling through the impact zone. So the phrase is going to be “Right knee, right field with some rotation.” Now let’s go through it. You’re going to take your regular setup position. You’re going to position your hands down by your right knee. Now obviously, if you’re a left-handed golfer, it’s going to be your left knee; we’re going to talk in terms of a right-handed golfer. My hands are by my right knee; I’m going to drag my hands and drag the stick through the impact zone, and then up and to the right—what we call right field. And as I do that, I’m going to feel my forearms rotate slightly.

So I go from right knee to right field, with a little bit of slight rotation. Now when we do this, we’re creating the feel and the sense of how we want the hands to travel through the golf swing. And if we do this with a golf club—and with a ball—you’re going to hit a nice, high draw. So we call it the Tour Stick Drill; it’s one we use all the time. It’s a great one as a warm-up, or before a lesson or before a practice session. I know you’re going to like it, and I know it’s going to help you improve your game.

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