Golf Top Tips with Hank Haney: Help Your Driving

Heres a tip that will help your driving.

Ninety percent of the people that play golf tend to slice the ball to the right. And its worse with the driver, because the driver is the straightest-faced club in your bag. When you slice to the right, its general caused from too upright of a swing. That opens the club-face coming into the golf ball.

What you want to do is take some practice swings where you hold the golf club right up off the ground like this. Youll feel the golf club swinging in an arc around your body. Youll feel the club-face opening in the back swing, and closing in the through swing. This is the best way to get the feeling of that golf club releasing properly through the golf ball.

A couple of practice swings off the ground. And then go ahead and give it a hit. Itll be straight down the middle.

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