Golf Tips: On Plane Golf Swing Hi. I’m Rich Greenwood, Director, Instructions here at Tour Golf in Agoura Hills, California. Today I want to talk to you about how you can hit the ball further, straighter and more solid by having the correct plane. Here is a couple of examples of an incorrect plane. This first swing here, what you going to do is see that the club is going to go across the line, across the plane so you see how the club is going above line four and you could see as the club is going over my head. On a downswing, what’s going to happen is that the club is going to route under as it is much more difficult to get the club to point at the golf ball like right here club actually going to fall under the plane and chances are it becomes too much on the inside and have to hook it on over.
The second backswing is we are going to describe the laid off position and that is when the club is laid back and doesn’t match the plane lines. You’d see now that at the top of the backswing, the club is pointed out and is not pointing towards the golf ball. So chances are on the downswing, the club is going to want to go that direction over the top and cut across it.
Here we have a great example of how on plane swing should look like. We have Jason Duffner one of the best ball strikers on tour. Why he’s so straight his position at the top of his back swing. His left arm, hands and shaft all on one plane. Chances are wherever the buttend of the club is pointing is the direction of the club is going to start on the downswing. As you can see, halfway down through towards impact, the butt end of the club is pointing down at the golf ball, thus allowing him to rotate his body through, be able to deliver the club into square and be able to hit the ball solid and straight. This is what an on plane swing should look like.
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