Golf Tips for Seniors: How to Get More Power

No matter whether you’re a weekend warrior or the Golden Bear himself, we all lose power on our golf swing as we age. It’s just a fact of life that we can’t put as much oomph on the ball as we used to. However, while you may not ever get your longest drive back, there are certain things you can do to maximize your distance for your entire playing days. You can utilize equipment that accommodates your waning power, including clubs with higher loft and a softer shaft, or a low compression ball that maximizes your swing speed.

If you’ve invested in proper equipment and you still want more power, PGA Professional Michael Peterson has a few golf tips for seniors that can help earn you that little extra distance. Michael believes most senior golfers leave valuable yards on the tee box because they don’t swing with their body, instead they rely on the arms.

So he demonstrates simple golf swing tips you can practice at the range and on the course to get your lower body and the rest of your body involved in the process. The key is sequencing, and it depends on progression. Find out what Michael means by proper progression, and discover how his golf tips for seniors have helped countless senior golfers win back some of their lost power and shed valuable strokes from their scorecards. Add his quick practice drills to your next training session, and we promise you’ll notice the difference!

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