Golf Tips for Seniors

CLICK TO VISIT MY WEBSITE FOR FURTHER TIPS FOR SERIOUS GOLFERS – In this video Golf Tips for Seniors, I am going to give some Golf Instruction for Seniors that will benefit the older golfer, from taking the club back along the line to creating a solid 45-degree angle in your swing – this will help you unleash some great power to enhance your game.

With so many variables to take into account for golf instructions for the senior golfer, we have to look at our physical attributes, our age, our capabilities and the time we spend playing the game of golf. Here I have created a video to get the most out of your game and unleash some extra power and yards on the golf course – an easy to follow video tutorial.

I would recommend watching the Golf Tips for Seniors golf tutorial first because then all of the content below will make more sense and you will grasp it quicker, so I would strongly recommend watching the video first and then piece it all together bit by bit, once you have watched it a couple of times it will certainly come together and be easier to grasp. And if you want to subscribe to my YouTube Channel to be kept informed and updated on other golf video tutorials I will be recording in the future, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel. I also have a regular newsletter update if you are interested in that as well, a pop-up should appear on this page randomly, so all you need to do it add in your email address to become a part of my mailing list.I have broken this content down into sections, this will allow you to fully understand each section of the drill, and once you have mastered each drill it’s time to move onto the next one, so here we go let’s get on with each section starting off with the takeaway of the golf club. See the complete article at

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