Golf Tip: Why Is A Draw Shot So Hard To Hit?

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In this tip I talk about the elusive draw and why it’s so hard to hit. So many people out there want to hit this shot when really, so few can.

I realize this type of shot can give you more distance due to the club deflofting as opposed to adding loft with the face more open. It also produces more roll due to less backswing and a lower launch angle. Although these are good things the effort level it will take you to master this shot is going to make it next to impossible for you to hit it consistently.

That being said, instead of wasting your time trying to perfec this shot I suggest you spend your time sqauring the face better to allow more of a falling slight left or right or even by hitting it straight.

If you hit a draw naturally then you probably will be able to hit the draw without issue but for the gr3eat majority of average golfers out there this will be a futile quest.

Watch this tip and understand what you even have to do to hit a draw and what it will take for you to master it. Once you know that, you can decide if it is the shot for you.

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