GOLF: Three Simple Steps To Perfect Lower Body Motion – Plus An Early Extension Fix

Three Simple Steps To Perfect Lower Body Motion –
And An Early Extension Fix

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In this video I offer up a couple of feels and a different way to think about how your lower body works for those of you guys struggling with rotation or pivot. This will also give an early extension fix.

When we’re talking lower body motion, I’m going to talk specifically about how the lower body works during the downswing. The two pieces we talk about in the lower body are how much you should shift forward during your down swing, and how much you should rotate during the downswing.

Now the third part we don’t talk about as much is the squeeze part or the extension part. So, the lower body is really three parts. It’s a shift number one, it’s a turn number two, and it’s squeeze number three.

From the top of my swing, I’m doing the shifting part and the turning part more or less at the same time. I’m shifting and turning right away from the top of my swing gradually until I’m at impact and then into my follow through. By the time you get to roughly when the club is parallel to the ground in your downswing, you really start to add the squeeze park or the extension part.

If you notice a good golf swing that has a good pivot and good rotation from the top, the knees get closer. So, there’s a distance between my knees when I start. When I go to the top that distance gets smaller. In transition that distance gets bigger again and then to the finish it gets smaller again. That part at the end is the squeeze part I’m talking about.

Part of my legs coming together for the “squeeze” is straightening them up. From the top I’m shifting and turning, then at some point I need to start straightening my legs and get that gap closer together and squeeze my knees together.

So, there are really three steps here – a shift, a turn at the same time throughout the whole swing, and late in the down swing there is a squeeze or an extension. The point of doing any of this is to increase your overall rotation, have a better pivot, more speed, hit the ball more solid, and play better golf.


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