GOLF: The Perfect Follow Through And Finish Position

The Perfect Follow Through And Finish Position

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Let’s talk about the perfect follow through and finish position. I want to talk about where you should be in the follow through and at the finish position with both the golf club and your body.

When you swing a golf club, it’s more or less designed to work in a circle around your body. The clubhead works up and in on the entire backswing, down and out during the downswing and then back up and in during the follow through.

If I take my normal setup and I draw a line up the shaft, I want it – more or less – parallel to that plane line during my backswing, parallel to it during my downswing and to get back parallel to it on to my follow through.

Now most of that happens just because of how my body turns. When I make a backswing, I turn my body away from the target so my hands should go in and up. In the follow through, I turn towards the target, so my hands should in and up. That’s the main concept that we’re going for here.

Past impact – when the club is at first parallel – I’m looking for the club to be about on my heel line. By the time I get to arms parallel in the follow through, I want my upper body, chest and shoulders and hips fully turned towards the target.

if you’re someone who normally gets a little too over the top and exits too far to the left, I would set up a practice station with an object to the left of the target line. That’s a block that’s in my way that I need to learn to swing the club to the right of.

If you’re the other golfer who swings too far inside out, you can use the same station. You just adjust the setup. If you’re normally too far right, you want to put an object up to the righ of the target line that’s in your way.

To start the practice, use a short iron and make a half swing at half speed. Get a feel, give yourself feedback with video, confirm what you’re doing and continue to give yourself feedback until you get where you want to go.


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