GOLF: The Most Efficient Way To Swing A Golf Club

The Most Efficient Way To Swing A Golf Club

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Tour Striker Smart Ball:
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-Tour Striker Smart Ball:
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The key to the most efficient way to swing the club is where your arms are – where they are in space from setup through backswing and downswing, and how close they are to each other.

When I take my normal set up position, my elbows are a certain distance apart. You’ll see the same thing when you watch pro golfers. Many of them use a smart ball to keep their elbows closer together.

There are so many swing faults that are a result of your elbows getting farther apart. Big picture, I want the distance between your elbows to stay about the same from setup through the takeaway, through the backswing, through the transition, through impact, and into your follow through.

I was always taught, start with your arms in front of your chest. When you start your backswing, they should still be in front of your chest. Arms stay in front of your chest into the follow through. While that’s a bit over simplistic, it’s a good visual to have. I want my elbows to be close and my hands, arms, and club in front of my chest basically through the entire swing.

How do you know if you do or don’t do that and how can you practice? You can practice with something between your elbows. One product I use frequently is Martin Chuck’s Tour Striker Smart Ball There are also other products like The Impact Ball Golf Swing Trainer or even just a foam football will work.

I put the ball between my elbows just underneath my elbows. The goal for me would be to take my setup, feel like the ball is still there and my arms are in front of me. I’m going to take my takeaway position to my thigh feeling like my elbows are still close and my hands are in front of my chest. I work it into my takeaway and then I’m going to hinge up a little bit into about halfway back position and keep my elbows close.

Part number two is keeping those same feels through the downswing. I see so many swings that are decent at the top and then the elbows get farther apart coming down. This sets up all kinds of flaws. If you were to put a ball in and make half swings halfway back and halfway through, it will eliminate a lot of flaws.

The other beautiful thing for a lot of you guys that want more rotation is you can build in more swing rotation as a result of good arm structure. If I have this Tour Striker ball in below my elbows and I keep it in and I go back and through, guess what I must turn to hit the ball? Turn!

Another piece that goes with this is swing plane. A lot of you guys have a takeaway where the club head gets too far inside, you get up to the top and you have issues. A smart ball can do a lot for that too.

You could use this as part of your daily warm up in the beginning of your range session. Throw this in for 20 balls. This isn’t going to hurt any of you and it probably helps 9 out of 10 of you a bunch and will clean up a lot of your swing flaws.


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