Golf Swing Lessons – Golf Swing Tips Takeaway 2 Ways : Master Teacher on YouTube Sifu Richard Silva Golf Swing Lesson. Sifu Richard Silva Black Belt and Master Teacher shows you how to practice your takeaway in your golf swing. This 2-part golf drill offers golf tips and golf swing lesson instruction on how to use a pulling or pushing action to develop a great golf swing takeaway. Sifu shows you how to become aware of how your muscle groups work when you use a right-hand or left-hand movement in your golf swing takeaway. Golf tips in this golf lesson include how to develop a right-hand over pull-back technique or a left-hand over push-back technique to deliver more swing power to your golf swing takeaway. This is an easy golf drill that focuses on golf tips you can incorporate into your practice routine at home or on the range. Thanks for watching. See you out there.

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