Golf Swing Lessons – Golf Swing Power No Back Pain: Master Teacher on YouTube Sifu Richard Silva Golf Swing Lesson. Sifu Richard Silva Black Belt and Master Teacher shows you how to create swing power using the correct spine angle in your golf swing with no pain. In this golf swing lesson Sifu shows you how to make slight adjustments to your golf swing so you don’t add more stress to your back and can maintain your swing power with no pain. If you have spine angle pain in your golf swing it’s because you are overextending your lower back and your back is in the wrong position. When you control your spine angle you control your swing power. Use this quick and easy golf swing drill to improve your spine angle, increase your swing power and your distance with no pain to your lower back. You can practice this golf swing lesson at home or on the range and learn how to get a maximum swing power in a repeatable go-to golf swing with this important golf swing lesson that improves your overall golf fitness, now and for many years to come. Thanks for watching. See you out there.

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