Golf Swing – Impact Hand Location & Aim Point Technique

Golf Swing – Impact Hand Location & Aim Point Technique

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Most golfers are extremely right sided. What this means in the golf swing is that they have a tendency to over use the right hand and arm.

This results in a throwing action with the right arm coming down and releasing the angles in the elbow and wrist. This then results in the club head releasing too early through impact, and generally a thin or fat shot!

Try and control the release with the left hand. Both, uncocking and rotating the left hand through the shot. This will help stop the right hand and arm from working too hard in the downswing.

Also, the hands should return back under the left shoulder by impact. If not, as in the example above. The club head will have to release too early and a “flip” style action with the hands and wrists will be the result.

Try and drive your hands down to cover a spot past your left foot at impact. This is better known as the “Aim point Technique”. Basically, a spot on the ground to aim your hands at coming down!

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