Golf Swing Basics – Hover The Club

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Golf Swing Basics – Hover The Club

Anyone who has ever watched carefully when Jack Nicklaus swings a golf club has probably noticed that when he has addressed the ball preparatory to starting his backswing, he hovers the club as part of his golf swing basics. You want to make sure when you set up for your golf swing, you hover at an address instead of letting your club touch the ground.

Grounding the club before the swing begins, especially when the turf is lush with a gummy texture, can easily cause the grass to grab the club as it starts back, and disrupt a smooth beginning to the movement. Allowing the elbows and/or the wrists to bend slightly (do not lift the shoulders) at address, will slightly elevate the clubhead above the ground and allow the heave to easily set the club into motion without it catching in the grass whatsoever. In a normal backswing, during the first few inches, the clubhead is moving almost parallel to the ground. If the club has been grounded, and the swing begins with it grounded, the grass can easily interfere and break a rhythmical beginning. If the brain senses that the grass is going to catch the club, it will trigger the hands to start the backswing in an effort to immediately elevate the club above the turf, and doing so can negatively affect the sequencing of the swing. Hovering the club slightly above the ground at address, allows the origin of the heave to come totally from the core of the body and the feet, and the initiation of the movement can easily be started with dependable repeatability on each and every swing.

Go to the practice tee and spend some time working on this, or take our Gravity Golf Challenge where we have plenty of drills to help you perfect this motion. You’ll quickly discover how consistently and effortlessly you golf swing can be set into motion.

Davie Lee

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