Golf Stance Tips: How to Setup a Proper Chipping, Pitching, or Driving Stance Every Time

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Beverly Fergusson shows us why it’s important to think about your golf stance setup every time you change clubs. To discuss this golf tip with other golfers and share your own leave a comment below. We look forward to your feedback.

Dialog from the video

90% of a good golf swing, in my opinion, is in your setup. And I have four different setups, other than putting, I’m not talking about putting, four setups, and they’re called small, medium, large, and super-size. So you’re going to decide which one you’re going to order.

1. Small is your chipping
2. Medium are your short irons, pitching
3. Large are you fairway metals, your hybrids, and your longer irons.
4. And your super-size is the only one you use for your driver.

And I’m going to demonstrate the difference in your setup for these particular shots.

First of all, I’m going to relate to the back of the ball, not to the center of the ball or the front of the ball and the traveling foot is going to be my right foot. So watch what I do.

For a medium shot, I’m going to have a medium width. And there’s the shot for my short irons. I’m also going to demonstrate how that now the left ear is in line with the back of the ball and in line with my zipper. So let’s do that again. I’m going to start like this, position my club, make a medium width stance with right foot.

Now let’s go to chipping, let’s say. Let’s say small medium large, super-size. Small, all I’m going to do from my letter “v” with my feet, is to position my club and then I’m going to turn my right foot this way. And there’s my setup for my chip shot. My weight is going to be right here on my forward foot and there’s my chip shot stance.

Okay so now I’ve got a long iron. And I’m going to start out the same way, ball position right in between my heels, I’m going to settle the club behind the ball, and now I’m going to take a large step to the right. So now you can see that my right foot is my traveling foot, my left foot stays stationery. It’s the easy way to setup to the ball. So let’s do that again, “v”, step to the right, and now that ball position for the longer clubs is in line with my logo.

So let’s take a fairway wood and show you how that works. I’ve got a, what do I have, I’ve got a five wood, and I’m going to setup the same way with my feet, position the club head, step to the right because this is a large setup, just like with my four iron there. Here, here. Your hybrids will be the same thing with a large setup.

Now let’s take a look at how the super-sized swing is positioned. Super-sized is only with your driver. I’m going to setup the same way, and I’m going to take a larger step to the right. And with this setup I want to feel as though my shoulders can fit inside my heels. Let’s do that again. A larger step to the right, so now the ball position is positioned off the left shoulder for the super-sized shot only.

And there you have your four simple setups, your small, your medium, your large, and your super-size.


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