Golf Stance – How Wide Should Your Feet Be at Address (Driver, Irons, Wedges)

Another key component of the perfect golf setup is the stance and making sure that the distance between your two feet is of the appropriate length. Use the tips in this video to find the correct stance and foot position to use for every one of your golf shots and golf clubs. From the driver and the fairway woods (3-wood), to the irons and finally to the wedges, find out how to correctly position your feet at address for the perfect stance.

A good checkpoint to use in determining the proper stance for a typical golf shot using a full swing is to use the width of your shoulders. And a great way to help you measure it is to position your club against your chest and shoulders. The end of your club should be at the edge of one of your shoulders and pinch on the club shaft where your other shoulder is. Now take your club with your fingers still pinching it and place it between your two feet.

– This distance – shoulder-width – is the right distance for your stance for normal golf shots using a full swing with your irons.

– For the correct stance whenever using your wedges or for shorter golf swings use a shorter stance. Instead of being shoulder-width, your feet should be closer together by a few inches. Or simply, they should be closer together by the width of one of your feet. This stance will promote more control at the cost of some stability which is fine since you are using shorter clubs and/or shorter swings.

– For the correct stance whenever using your driver or fairway woods use a wider stance than your normal shoulder-width stance. Your feet in this case should be wider by a few inches, or again by the width of your foot. This will promote greater stability which will come in handy because you are making full swings with the longest clubs in your bag.

Finally, make sure that you are not flaring your feet too much. Foot flare is the degree with which you angle your feet outwards from a perfectly straight forward feet position. A typical setup would see your back foot being perfectly straight while the front foot is usually allowed to flare forward a little bit, per the golfer’s preference. That promotes an easier follow through, your hips being allowed to turn towards the target with fewer strain. Note that those with flexibility or mobility issues may find it more comfortable to stray away from this typical stance and foot flaring stance guidelines.

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