Golf Putting Tips – Lower golf scores with the easy to use MOI MAXX putter from L2

Lower your golf scores with the L2 Putter –

For anyone looking to lower golf scores, an essential part of the puzzle is removing strokes from the short game. To reduce the number of putts you make on the green, you need maximum stability, accuracy, and distance control.

The most valuable golf putting tips we can give involves creating a more consistent, pendulum-like putt. Your shoulders should move freely creating a pendulum stroke. Moreover, you should work to remove inconsistencies from your putting but letting your putter to most of the work. Having a putter with a more substantial “sweet spot” will be much more forgiving and will promote a more solid putter-ball contact to achieve “true roll.”

If you feel like your putting is a weak spot in your game or if you want to stop three putting and cut strokes off your game, we invite you to look at the L2 Putter. With 620 grams of weight compared to an average putter with 360 grams, the L2 MOI MAXX allows your shoulders to rock freely creating a pure pendulum stroke. The sweet zone measures 3.5 inches making the L2 MOI MAXX more forgiving in challenging putting situations.

The real differentiation is in the stand-alone design of the L2 MOI MAXX, which allows golfers to stand behind the ball and see the track line making alignment easy. The L2’s gravity-fed design makes the putting stroke simple and easy to control. Stop micro-managing your putter and let the L2 MOI MAXX do the work.

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