Golf Putting – How to Putt with a Hybrid or Rescue Club

Putting with a Hybrid – Golf lesson and golf tips on how to putt using a hybrid or a rescue club.

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If you find yourself just off the green, by about a yard or two you may want to consider putting with a hybrid instead of using a putter or chipping using a wedge or an iron.

Putting from such a position is often advisable as a putter makes it easier to achieve a clean strike at the ball, in contrast to a chip using a wedge. But the downside is that the longer grass may not provide the smoothest, most predictable surface and so the roll of the putt might be affected.

A hybrid club is uniquely designed for this type of shot. Indeed, the loft of the club will send the ball off the ground just enough that it will skip over the fringe and roll onto the green and towards the hole. The bottom edge of the club is very mishit friendly in that it won’t tend to dig into the ground as a wedge would, for example.

To execute this putting with a hybrid shot you will want to use a combination of the putting and chipping stroke.

Hold the hybrid club low on the grip, almost down to the shaft of the club. Position the ball in the center of your stance, and nudge your hands just ahead of the ball. Finally, just as with putting, the stroke here involves the shoulders alone, with no hand or wrist action at all.

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