Golf MTRx For the Golfer – Why Should I Use Golf MTRx to Improve My Golf Swing?

What is Golf MTRx?
Golf MTRx (Metrics) is the first and only mobile technology that measures the movement of a golfer’s pelvis through a swing and provides real-time feedback and immediate solutions to develop a more efficient and powerful swing. Create a breakthrough every time you practice and learn the metrics of your best swing so you can repeat it every time. Golf MTRx prescribes drills to address swing faults and help you improve your game.

Why focus on the pelvis? If you had the time and inclination, you could read studies in biomechanics which determined that the pelvis is the foundation of a powerful and efficient golf swing. While higher handicap golfers just swing harder in an effort to gain more distance, golf professionals know that more efficient movement, especially movement of the pelvis as a vital segment in the swing, will result in better results, including more distance. The pelvis is the first segment of the kinematic sequence and is the first part of a golfer’s body that must fire to generate the most power in a golf swing. For years this has been understood and accepted by golf professionals, many of whom have employed biomechanics and sensor systems in laboratories and research facilities to measure body movement during a swing. Golf MTRx put this technology in an easy-to-use mobile format for use on the driving range and even on the golf course — at a price any golfer can afford.

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