GOLF MENTAL GAME TIPS: 2 Crucial Keys To Great Putting

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Bob Fagan a highly acclaimed travel and golf writer. an accomplished player and instructor, says:
“…There are only about a half dozen performance coaches/sports psychologists throughout the sports world that impress me and most of them currently fly below the popular radar. Too many, and especially the more visible golf/sports psychologists, address the symptoms that impede accomplishment and not the sources while spewing forth the same often-repeated platitudes…This is not the case with David Breslow,…an accomplished coaching veteran whose messages transcend golf/sports into business and life… You won’t encounter the same old recycled tips, psycho-babble, or vague theories. And there is no long or extended learning curve. The content is straightforward and to the point. His delivery is so spot on that it’s almost embarrassingly simple…”

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