GOLF IMPACT – Pros Versus Amateurs

Statistics For the Recreational Golfer

Golfers like to keep statistics on their game. It’s one way to learn where you need to improve. The trick is to keep the right stats. Different levels of skill require different ones.

The Best Golf Fitness Tips To Improve Power

As we have seen on TV, golf fitness is exploding on tour. Most of the top ranking PGA players all are working out and most have their own trainers. What’s that mean for amateur golfers? It’s a wake-up call to all golfers that what I’ve said all along rings true. “Your body swings the club, so fix the machine (body) and you will play better golf”. Now don’t get me wrong. You can be super fit and still have a crappy golf swing, so technique is critical to taking advantage of a higher fitness level.

Improve Golf Swing Tempo For Better Consistency

The majority of high handicap golfers have too fast of swing tempo, which does not allow them to make solid contact with the center of the clubface. When you have an off-center hit, you lose a massive amount of distance and accuracy. I know when I “jump on it” this happens to me. I usually don’t hit it as far, or as straight as when I have a smooth, effortless swing. It’s all about tempo, and too many golfers ignore this very important issue in golf improvement.

Golfers – Hit the Target Trick

Golfers do you get frustrated by the unlimited number of things that you need to remember for each swing? This article will show you a “trick” to stop all of that. Never again feel bewildered when approaching a shot. In just three steps you will find the confidence you need.

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The Importance of Hydration During a Round of Golf

During any sporting activity it’s important to ensure that you are properly hydrated and in golf dehydration can have a negative impact both physically and mentally. The more dehydrated your body, the harder it can be to concentrate and in addition you will tire more quickly. The body dehydrates quickly in warm weather. A drinks holder can be added to an electric golf trolley for easy drink accessibility.

Important Considerations When Buying a Golf Training DVD

A golf training DVD can tell and show you a lot about your golf game, how to hit long drives, how to play your short game and even putting skills. But the DVD can also help golfers to improve their level of fitness in order to improve every aspect of their game.

Swing Your Golf Club Around Your Neck

I know this may sound bizarre, but the swing thought to swing your golf club around your neck is not a bad one at all. In a way, it will simplify the golf swing for a lot of golfers who are struggling with consistency and even power. There is so much wasted movement during a swing (I should know), that it wreaks havoc on your ball striking. Causing shots off the toe of your club, the heal (or even hozel – dreaded shank), as well as thin and topped shots, which all lead to a poor outcome.

The Best Golf Clubs For a Left Handed Golfer

It is absolutely necessary that left-handed golf clubs be different than their right-handed counterparts. It is not as simple as flipping a right-handed golf club over to ensure an excellent golf game for those playing from a left-hand stance. No matter the subtle differences between lefties and righties, golf club manufacturers are now covering both stances. This is good news for the lefties; however, this fact does not prevent lefty golfers from being fitted for their proper left-handed golf clubs. What types of things should the lefty golfer be conscious of?

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Top Tips for Golf Weight Training

Golf weight training is a way for golfers to improve their game almost as much as spending more time at the course or practice range. Yes, it is that dramatic.

Golf Swing Impact: The Moment Of Truth

You may have heard this before, but it’s all about impact when it comes to golf swing consistency and power. Doesn’t matter how fast your clubhead speed is, or how hard you hit the ball. It’s hitting the center of the clubface that produces maximum distance and consistency. If that’s the case, why do so many golfers work on all the other aspects of the swing, if they could just focus on impact?

Beating Uneven Lies – Save Strokes

If you want to save strokes and lower your golf handicap simultaneously learn how to hit from uneven lies. They cost you more strokes than you probably realize. Hitting from an uphill or downhill lie may not seem too challenging, but it can be the difference between hitting or missing a green in regulation. Or, it can be the difference between making a par or a bogey.

Do It Yourself Golf Lessons? NOT!

The innocent novice golfer who is intent upon learning the golf game on his or her own can plan on months and, some times years, of effort and frustration. Golf is not a do-it yourself sport! If you would like to master the game quickly, then an absolute commitment to a significant amount of golf instruction is necessary.

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