GOLF | How to Stay Onsides with Bobby Lopez PGA

In this video Brendon DeVore from Bebetter Golf and Bobby Lopez PGA of have one of the most important discussions in golf instruction.

When your head or body gets out in front (targetward) of the golf ball you are OFFSIDES! Bobby Lopez contends that good golf must be played from Behind the ball. Too many golfers hear “keep your head still” 🏌 and they put their nose right over the ball after that in there downswing either in an effort to try to compress the ball or to try to add power their head and body starts drifting towards the target this gets them off sides and they have to flip or chicken wing to get back to the ball.

Golf become so much easier when you are on sides!

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Full video RELEASE October 30th 2016!

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Filmed on location at beautiful Pendleton Golf Club in Ruther Glen, VA for a discount to play Pendleton, email Bobby. Huge thank you to General Manager Jim Mason

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