GOLF: How to get the perfect downswing in the golf swing BASIC

This video discusses how to get the perfect downswing in the golf swing. The downswing is such an important part of the golf swing and without a decent sequence of events you will NEVER have a decent impact position.

Many people buy swing trainers, go on swing training courses, are searching on a monthly basis on YouTube for golf tips and advice. However understanding exactly what needs to happen is crucial for your success long term.

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This video shows slow motion golf swings so you can see exactly what you need to do, so you can start to get this downswing perfect each and every time.

You will no longer need training aids, have any more questions about swing plane, and start to understand the basic things that need to happen in the golf swing.

Finally all the information learnt on this video can be applied to the driver golf swing too and as always this information is great for senior golfers, lady golfers and junior golfers also.

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