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If you are someone who hits a hook – or curves a ball too far from right to left – you need to understand that you have a club face that’s too closed to your path.

There are two things to check. First, If I took a normal setup, the stronger the grip – if it was really rotated clockwise -that would promote a more closed clubface.

For you guys that hit hooks or draws, typically that can be associated with a ball position that’s farther back. I like to see the ball position somewhere between my sternum location and my shirt logo.

The next part of the hook and what you have is a path that’s overly inside out. The path being to the right hits the hook. If you’re struggling with a hook, your path is too far to the right.

What do you do? If I go to the top of my backswing and I’m too far inside out, I need to feel like I’m more over the top, more outside in. If you’re way inside out and hitting hooks, you could feel way over the top and you’ll probably hit the ball pretty straight.

Something I also do a lot when I play is I feel the club exit more left past impact. The more left the club works past impact, the less it’s going to draw and the more that I’ll neutralize your ball flight pattern.

The first thing I do with someone if they have a hook and they’re swinging too far inside out is I’ll put a range bucket halfway between the right foot and the ball. I have it set up just underneath the angle of the club I’m using. It’s in my way. You want to feel the club head working outside of the bucket.Start with short shots, like a little hundred yarder.

Second I just add a layer to that. I put an alignment rod in the bucket to make it a little bit more difficult. I move the bucket back a little bit farther, but it’s still kind of in the same spot and I do the opposite of how I want to do when I shallow it. I take the club back where the club is parallel to the ground on my toe line and I want to have the stick about an inch or two in front of that. This will be a little bit more exaggerated. I want to feel like the club stays a little bit more out in front of me.So if you’re someone who comes way inside, this station is going to feel way in your way. You’re going to have to feel like the club is way outside going back, and way more in front and way more steep coming down.

When getting rid of a hook, you want to get rid of the club coming too far inside. So, you want to put a station behind the ball between your foot and the golf ball, and then you would do the opposite of that. For option number three, I would take the bucket and stick and go to the right of the target. My goal here is to get the club head to the left past impact again to get rid of that draw pattern.

If you’re someone who hits hooks, you want to see some cuts. You want to exaggerate and you want to have the golf ball curving to the right. This shouldn’t feel minor, especially on day one. f you’re trying to get rid of the hook, don’t be afraid to hit a bunch of cuts in the beginning. Exaggerate some slices so you can find middle ground.

-If you are hitting hooks, your clubface is too closed. You must do something to get it back to neutral.

-Check your grip and ball position first. Make sure your grip is not overly strong and your ball position is between you sternum location and your shirt logo.

-If your grip is neutral and your ball position is not too far back and you are still hitting hooks, you have is a path that’s overly inside out.

-Use one of the three practice stations demonstrated in this video to get your path back to neutral – a bucket behind you, the bucket with stick is number two, and the bucket with the stick in front.

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