Golf Grip: Role of the Trigger Finger

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Right Hand Golf Grip: Trigger Finger

In this video I talk about the golf grip but in more detail the right hand trigger finger. This is a very important set up position that you must understand and get. Most people that I see have a weak or poor grip, I explain the correct golf grip. Getting this position will help other areas in your swing and game. The trigger finger is one of the key parts of the grip.

Understanding this position is as important as the position itself. On your right hand, or low hand, on the grip, your index finger should look like it’s about to pull a trigger on a gun. This is why it is called the trigger finger. If you held it up in front of you it should look like a question mark. This is the supporting finger of the golf club.

This position is one of the most overlooked positions when forming the proper golf grip. It not only supports the golf club at your set up but also creates a “V” at the top of your back swing to give the club a cradle to support it at the top of the swing. It should be separated only slightly from your middle finger.

By learning the proper placement of that finger, it allows many other things in your swing to be correct. When this finger is in the right placement, you can then check to see if your right, lower, hand is in the correct placement. This will also allow you to see if your club at the top of your golf swing is setting properly. Also, not enough gap between the fingers makes the grip weak, too much and it will also give a weak feeling. This position is critical in maintaining a good golf swing.

By learning the trigger finger you can then get what is a good golf grip. I see many people and they always overlook this finger. There are many different ways to grip a club, yet this is a position that is critical to check that you have the correct grip. Getting this small change will help have a more powerful grip and keep stronger positions in your swing.

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