Golf Fundamentals: Ball Position- Left Handed Golfer

In this video we cover the basics for golf ball position, especially while striking short/ mid irons. This video is demonstrated by a left handed golfer with 7 Iron. We will cover this golf fundamental in further golf instruction videos via right handed golfer demonstration in the near future.

Often times golfers that are struggling with consistent golf ball contact often times have incorrect ball position to optimize the strike and gain distance. We would like to see the golf ball 1 ball forward of center as standard for short/ mid iron- promoting slightly more pressure starting on the target foot, along with ball first strike with the club through impact zone.

As the club gets longer throughout the golf bag the back foot should get slightly wider, as well the shaft length with dictate distance from the golf ball.

Tip- Focus on only adjusting the back foot width as you hit longer clubs, it will help retain consistent impact and overall required golf ball position as the club changes.

Key Takeaways:

1) Correct Ball Position Promotes More Solid, Consistent Contact, Striking Golf Ball First Through Impact.

2) Having Golf Ball Slightly Forward As Standard Promotes Committed Weight/ Pressure Shift Towards The Target.

3) Striking The Ball With Efficient Ball Position Promotes Consistent Ball Flight Throughout The Golf Bag With All Clubs.

4) Adjusting Ball Position Can Help Hit Different Types Of Shots & Direction- Higher, Lower, Left/ Right Direction, Fade/ Draw Ball Flights.

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