Golf For Beginners – Basic Golf Grip Pressure: Master Teacher on YouTube Sifu Richard Silva Golf Swing Lesson. Sifu Richard Silva Black Belt and Master Teacher shows beginners basic golf tips on how to create golf grip pressure for their golf swing. In this golf swing lesson, Sifu creates an adaptation to Havey Penick’s yardstick drill and amends this renowned golf swing lesson to focus on an easier method for learning the correct golf grip pressure for you. This basic golf swing lesson for beginners uses a golf club to teach you how to understand how many of your fingers represent the width of your golf grip. Sifu also explains how and why your left hand gives you feedback on your golf grip pressure so you can apply the correct golf grip pressure to your club each time you swing. This golf lesson for beginners is easy to follow and will ensure you understand and get the right golf grip pressure for you in no time at all. Swing away! Thanks for watching. See you out there.

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