Golf Etiquette Mistakes for Beginners

There are many times on a golf course when situations spiral out of control leading to a disastrous round of golf. Do not let etiquette mistakes be the reason behind the disaster. In this video I cover common golf etiquette mistakes made by beginners and also some by seasoned average golfers. Keep these simple tips in mind when you hit the links the next time to ensure your next round of golf is a pleasant one. Thanks for watching!

Rough Golf is a channel for the average golfer looking to better their golf game or at least have a good laugh. The channel has How to videos, course vlogs, challenges, and equipment reviews. I will offer tips and tricks to help keep your golf game affordable.

I plan to review older golf clubs and equipment to show how the older clubs still have plenty of play left in them and how having the latest and greatest isn’t always the answer to a better golf game.

I will do videos explaing golf terminology as well as golf etiquette. The ins and outs of a golf course and what to expect when you visit different courses.

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