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Confused About Advice
Complicated Golf Swing
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The“Stress-Free” Golf Swing

The Only Way You’re Going to Lower Your Scores Consistently is to Improve Your Ball Striking

There is a strong correlation between greens in regulation and scoring average, and for 97% of golfers the quickest way to lower scores is to improve your ball striking and hit more greens.

It’s simple
One Swing Thought
You can learn it FAST and practice it anywhere inside
You’ll have a repeatable golf swing… finally

“After getting and using The Stress-Free Golf Swing I am more consistent, have better ball striking and more distance. Now thanks to The Stress-Free Golf Swing I have had a 5 stroke improvement over the last month. The one big problem this eliminated for me was over swinging and now I’m much more consistent!”.

“Since The Stress-Free Golf Swing I am now consistently making solid contact with the ball. I am hitting the ball farther. This has simplified the transfer of weight on downswing. Not thinking of timing the weight transfer on the downswing.

Besides the hitting the ball more solid , I find that my “misses” are not as bad. I think I am 3 to 4 shots better since the swing change. The fear of hitting a big hook off the tee is gone. I do not have a lot of practice time on the course or range .. I was able to make this swing change by hitting into a net in the back yard which really helped me incorporate it quickly. I like the idea trying to keep the golf swing simple and I think Jeff’s tips and instruction do that.”.

“This one move has totally transformed my ball striking. I was a very inconsistent ball striker before this move but now my ball striking has improved dramatically. As a result my handicap has come down by 3 points and I’m enjoying golf so much more now.”

For Consistent Golf,
Jeff Richmond
Golf Performance Coach

The Stress-Free Golf Swing

Thank you Jeff for your Program from Jeff’s Sports

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