Golf – Driving Smarter, Driving Farther – Trailer

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“Driving Smarter, Driving Farther” is the most comprehensive series of golf video lessons ever created on hitting the driver. Gain unprecedented access to legendary long drive coach Bobby Peterson (Team USA long drive captain) and his leading edge approach to elite driving technique. The methods and drills shared within propelled Ryan Reisbeck to become #1 in World Long Drive in 2017 and to reach a PR of 485 yards.

The drive is over in mere seconds. In this course, you’ll learn the drive in slow motion, broken down into eight parts so you can absorb and master every aspect of the swing. Experience world-class demonstrations with in-depth technical analysis and learn the techniques to rapidly increase your driving accuracy and distance. Stop swinging harder and start driving smarter.

From the basics to pro training methods, this series will redefine your understanding of the drive and provide practical tips and drills that have been battle-tested and proven to get the best out of your swing. The prospects are game changing.

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