GOLF DISTANCE: How To Hit The Driver Longer

Golf Distance: How To Hit The Driver Longer

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Are you looking for more golf distance with your driver? Most people are. All you have to do is increase your clubhead speed to hit the ball farther but it’s not just as simple as hitting harder though. In order to hit your driver longer, you need to understand it and do it a different way.

This means a whole new mindset and getting used to new feelings to increase your distance. Surely, you know this because in the past I bet you’ve tried to swing really hard to get more distance. What did this get you? Sure, you might get that one ball that flew farther but the great majority or balls went into the trees or out of bounds.

My way of generating more power will not only getting you hitting the driver longer but straighter too. This tip is not about getting a better shoulder turn, lag angle or making better contact. All of these things will occur if you just follow what I am saying in this tip.

 In the past most people would be working on things like holding their lag angle longer, increasing their shoulder turn, a better impact position etc. Although these things can increase distance there is a better way to do it. Once you experience more power using this tip you will want to keep doing it forever.

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