Golf Chipping Drill To Stop Duffing Chips | How To Do Chip Shots- Alex Fortey

Golf chipping drill to stop duffing chips shot. Golf chipping tips to stop hitting chip shots heavy and stay centered. Alex Fortey teaches you how to stop duffing your chip shots.
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Alex Forte here a really nice little tip for you to be able to stay more balanced in your chip shots.

Now a lot of you when you get around the Greens we can get a little bit edgy and we start sort of moving off our center points a little bit too much because we want to stay in this center here .

We want to just be able to rotate around that point to allow the arms to glide through.

Poor chip shots occur when balance and staying centered are inconsistent.

Here is a very simple golf drill you can practice that will give you immediate improvement with your chipping technique to help you get up and down more around the greens and trust that you can just let the arms flow and not get in the way.

It will teach you with instant results how to stop hitting chip shots heavy.

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Golf Chipping Drill To Stop Duffing Chips | How To Stop Hitting Chip Shots- Alex Fortey



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