GForce Driver Shaft – Fits Any Driver Head (Adapter Sleeve Not Included, 0.335 Adapter Required)

The latest training aid for 2021 that you can easily adapt to fit your own driver head and use to hit balls with. The shaft is comparable in weight to a regular shaft and makes practice feel natural & easy to transfer the learnings back to your regular driver so that you develop a consistently accurate swing with more distance & control…

Get the full spec’s, training and fitting guide here

✅ Easily Customize & Fit It Into Your Playing Driver. Fits all driver adapter sleeves (not supplied, 0.335 Adapter Sleeve Required) Take it to a club fitter or easily fit it yourself, see the simple fitting guide below & watch the fitting guide video.

✅ Total Length 45″ & Pre-installed with a Mid Size Grip, just trim the tip to length (see trimming guide) and glue your current playing driver adapter sleeve on (not Included)

✅ Helps You “Feel” The Perfect Transition So You Can Finally Shallow Your Downswing with instant feedback from the ball flight and feeling through the shaft

✅ Improves Tempo, Rhythm, Timing, Release & Sequencing

✅ Eliminates Slicing & Destructive Swing Thoughts

✅ Suitable for Men, Women, Left & Right Handed Players

✅ For Practice, Play, Warm Up & Hit Balls For Instant Feedback

✅ Scan the QR Code On The Ball Marker Supplied To Get Your Free Training Videos

✅ Fast Free PGA Support To Every Customer

Sizing Guide
Trim the GForce driver tip to your normal driver playing length using the sizing guide at

Got questions, or need help using your swing trainer, just ask..! Get FAST online support and PGA advice direct from me your founder and inventor of GForce Golf, Stuart Small 🙂

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