GForce Driver | Essential Guide & Drills For Driving

To hit your driver consistently you need to break a few false beliefs that have been holding you back. Using 3d to analyse the difference between Rory McIlroy’s Driver vs Iron setup and swing, I will give you a clearer picture of what you need to be working towards to effortlessly hit the ball longer and straighter with improved solid consistent contact.

Using the GForce Driver the flexible shaft will help you identify faults with your Tempo, Rhythm, Timing, Transition and Sequencing which is what gives you the effortless clubhead speed. The flexible shaft really helps you to smooth out your swing going back and in transition which is what you can see the tour players doing so well but it can be difficult to achieve and feel this with a normal shafted golf club.

Swing Tempo is so important, so much so that all tour players and consistent strikers of the ball swing at a 3:1 tempo which I talk about in this video, and you can even buy an app that will help you out with your tempo from the company who did the research on swing tempo many years ago so go check them out…

Without making things complicated and having several different swing thoughts and individual swings for every club, my theory is to have 1 efficient swing that you need to work on developing following my simple Steps 1-5 video series which you can find on my YouTube channel. Once you understand this and work hard on developing a repeatable efficient powerful swing based around these steps, you then only need to make small adjustments from club to club, such as ball position, width of stance and standing taller for longer clubs and more bent over for shorter clubs and making longer or shorter swings depending on the type of shot. Makes a lot sense right…? 😊

Your body is the engine of the swing and you are responsible for swinging the club and transferring the energy into it, the goal is to swing the clubhead as fast as possible with the least amount of effort from you. I can show you how to do this without blowing your mind with technical jargon and numbers that you don’t need to know which only extends and inhibits your learning. There is a much easier way to learn and our brains learn best visually which is why I use 3D so you can see exactly what is happening and create a clear picture in your mind, we also learn better from doing, so get stuck in with everything I do in my videos.

This information is for absolutely anybody thinking about learning, kids, beginner, intermediate, pro or tour player. Here are the 4 key simple setup changes to make when using a driver, steps 1-5 videos will help you understand how to swing the club so get working on those solid for 30 days if you want to get better…! 😊 stuart

1) You need a wider stance with the insides of your feet shoulder width apart. This is essential for balance and stability when you are swinging maximum speed.
2) Stand tall, the driver shaft is longer so you should naturally do this which will create a flatter shoulder turn compared to the iron.
3) Ball position forward opposite you left heel, this creates an upward strike on the ball which is essential for driving.
4) Vertical spine at setup, not tilted back away from the target which is common belief and potentially destroying your chances of ever driving consistently. – All Rights Reserved | Copyright 2020

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