Full Extension For Long & Solid Shots

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In this tip I am talking about full extension for long & solid shots. This is a vital part of what the arms need to be doing in the golf swing. Get this and you will generate way more clubhead speed giving you more distance and as a bonus you will hit the ball solidly.

One of the main swing flaws in amateur swings is a chicken wing. If you are doing a chicken wing you are narrowing your swing arc as opposed to getting full extension. Now, you may have work on this in the past but the problem is that when you get full extension of your arms just past impact and into the through swing this gives you a weird feeling. If this feels weird and you don’t know that, you will go right back to your old swing contracting your arms and never fixing your chicken wing.

So do this full extension drill daily for a while. If so, it will feel normal and you will start to do this when you swing giving you more clubhead speed producing long & solid shots .

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Here's a great drill to do to help you Get your arms extending After you've hit the golf ball so why we Want the arms to extend is so that we Create the widest swing Arc possible so If you don't know when you hit a golf Ball your lead arm is extended back arm Is slightly tucked Just after you've hit the ball about two Feet so one two two feet after With irons both arms stretch back out Again With driver it's about three feet and Why it moves forward is because your Body tilts more The longer the club you hit so you start On a slight angle you hit the ball on a Tilt so if you're on a slight tilt when You hit the ball just after impact that Is where your arms fully stretch out Again With driver because you're driving your Lower body even harder that tilts your Body even more and your arms aren't Stretched out again until after you've Hit the ball so about three feet All right so what we want to try and do Is get our arms stretching out because a Lot of people you know They keep hitting the ball doing a Chicken wing Okay that's because they are trying to Hit the object so if there's an object There you go up to the top you're going

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To try and hit that object When you go to hit the ball you contract Your arm muscles so by the time you get To impact you end up doing a chicken Wing Okay well if you're doing a chicken wing You're narrowing your Arc So you're going to lose Club head speed The grip falls behind the head so you End up adding Loft onto your golf club So it's going to go too high you're Going to get that clicking sound coming Off your Club face it's not going to Compress the ball you'll probably end up Twisting the face and now you're going To probably hit a slice And like that just will never get any Better So we got to get our arms stretching out So how are we going to do that well you Got to get used to a new feeling All right so all I want you to do is Just keep doing this little drill it's It's so simple but it gives you the new Extended stretched out feeling all right So we're going to start like this And then and you can do this with irons Or driver okay we're gonna start like This do your setup position make sure Your lead arm is stretched out here Okay we don't want to set up with our Lead arm bent Okay so we do our setup then we're going To push our club forward to create this

Letter Y here both arms are stretched Out at about two feet after contact Right there So you're going to stretch them out see How my body is a little bit turned here Because I would have hit the ball by now So I'm here Both arms are stretched out And now what we're going to do is we're Going to swing this back we're going to Swing it back And then we're going to try and stretch It out again Stretch it out so this gives us the Feeling Of full extension of both arms so then We swing it back and try to Replicate that feeling Okay so right here Swing it back stretch it out Okay so if you never have the feeling of Both arms being stretched out when you Swing the golf club Why are you going to do that you're not Going to do that this feels really good To do this locked up chicken wing Contracting muscles these muscles are Extended So unless you know that and have that Feeling you will try to avoid that That'll feel really weird to you when You first start to do it because it's a Totally different Feeling in your muscles

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Okay but if we can get you feeling it Here you've now felt what you're Supposed to feel After you hit the ball so you feel it Here swing it back and try to stretch Them back out at that point Okay and you'll see what I mean I'm Telling you as soon as you do this You'll think that is the weirdest Feeling ever It literally feels like when you swing This Like this and you swing it through like That it'll feel like you're going to Throw your Golf Club Into the range All right so if that's the weird feeling And a sensation of throwing your golf Club why would you do that you wouldn't Do that unless you knew that was Supposed to be the feeling that you're Trying to get Okay so great way to kind of get used to The feeling Of full extension here The back arm continues to extend on this Side while the lead arm folds and then After the three-quarter through Point Both elbows are going to fold into your Follow through So you know practice it with the irons First get that concept you know after You do that you could tee up your ball Right here

Make it easy this is new it's different You're not good at it always tee up your Ball about a finger height Give yourself a little room for error so What I would do is kind of go like this Push It Forward like this Stretch it back Okay get that sensation so here Back stretch Do a few practice swings like that Then apply kind of quickly step up to Your ball kind of apply that Feeling To your shot okay you don't want to take Too long between the practice swing in Reality because you're going to lose That Sensation okay so do it with an iron and Then of course You're gonna do it with driver okay same Thing So Do your setup like this Push It Forward remember one two three Feet so right here That's where both arms are stretched out With driver okay so right there we're Gonna swing it back Stretch it out Right here swing it back stretch it out Okay get that sensation I'm telling you You're gonna feel something totally new And different Once you get it then apply it to

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Your driver Okay it's all about widening that Arc Again wider Arc more Club head speed Wide Okay buckling chicken wing you're Narrowing the ark so you're gonna lose Speed you're also gonna lose that nice Contact Okay and you got to make great contact To hit those nice pure irons and driver On the proper trajectory lowering the Spin on your your drives giving you you Know a lot more distance all right so Start doing that drill just make it a Habit you can even do that around the House Just sit there make it a habit I stretch My arms out again it's a feeling you got To get used to it So if you keep doing it that won't feel Weird when you do it with your clubs Okay get the arc widened and of course You know we've hit way better shots I Truly hope you've enjoyed this tip Here's another tip that's going to help You improve your swing now right below That don't forget to click on that link Because I'm going to send you some free Samples of my body swing book and video Series that'll take you step by step by Step through how to build a powerful Effortless pain-free golf swing